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By Jillian M. Smith, Contributing Writer

As talk of blocking and rooming fill Annenberg, the upperclass houses are rolling out the red carpet in anticipation of Housing Day on March 10.

Currier, Dunster, Leverett, Quincy, and Pforzheimer House Committees have already released videos or teaser trailers proclaiming the superiority of their respective houses.

Dunster released a video last week spoofing the Golden Globe Best Picture, ‘The Social Network’, and Leverett made a teaser trailer called “I Just Got Lev,” based off of the Saturday Night Live skit “I Just Had Sex.”

Pforzheimer released the video “Double Dining Hall” based on the YouTube clip “Double Rainbow.”

Quincy produced “Quinception,” a video based off of the movie ‘Inception.’

“We wanted something culturally relevant and epic that the freshmen could see,” co-creator and Quincy resident Michael Ardeljan ’13 said. “We want to be on freshmen’s radar with our great community, great masters, tutors, and students. We are the people’s house.”

Currier, which also has a video in the works spoofing ‘Inception’, released a teaser on Sunday mocking Quincy’s rendition.

In Currier’s response to the Quinception video, residents say, “You can’t expect penguins to know how to fly properly”—referring to the Qunicy House Mascot—and “Quincy suffers from pre-conception.”

Other House Committees have decided that they will not release their movies until housing day. Lowell House is still producing their movie, which will be based on a song that remains secret.

“We are hoping that the song, which is the background to our movie, becomes a sort of Lowell anthem or party favorite,” Lowell House Committee Co-Chair Margaret E. Soutter ’12 said.

The House Committees are also keeping their T-shirt designs under wraps, though controversy has erupted on Leverett’s open e-mail list about a potential design featuring the Playboy bunny.

In response, the Leverett House Committee pulled the design from the voting pool yesterday.

Traditions on Housing Day vary widely among houses. Adams House Committee Co-Chair Annie G. Douglas ’12 relates, “coming to your door in full formal wear with wax sealed invitations to our reception with roses, cigars, and champagne.”

Leverett House Committee Co-Chair Lavinia R. Mitroi ’12 tells of the Leverett “army storming the yard wearing camouflage and bunny ears.”

No matter what the outcome, housing day is “the best day of the year,” Quincy House Committee Co-Chair Neil T. Curran ’12 said.

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