FM Imagines: Brief Encounters

Your upcoming consulting interview? At the next rush event? On your way out of Lamont?
By Kathryn C. Reed

At a Consulting Interview ...

Interviewer: (Joke about being behind schedule.)

Interviewee: (Haha. Traffic joke.)

Interviewer: (Traffic!)

Interviewee: (Haha.)

Interviewer: (General questions about interviewee.)

Interviewee: (College. Activities. Concentration.)

Interviewer: (Strengths?)

Interviewee: (Laundry list.)

Interviewer: (Weaknesses?)

Interviewee: (Minor flaws.)

Interviewer: (Life obstacles?)

Interviewee: (Shit gets real.)

Uncomfortable silence.

Interviewer: (Why consulting?)

Interviewee: (Life goals.)

Interviewer: (Brain teaser?)

Interviewee: (Answer.)

Interviewer: (Impressed praise.)

Interviewee: (Read in book.)

Interviewer: (Example consulting case?)

Interviewee: (Poor answer.)

Interviewer: (Joke about number of people to get it wrong.)

Interviewee: (Embarrassed laugh.)

Interviewer: (Call you?)

Interviewee: (Agreement.)

Interviewer: (Goodbye.)

Interviewee: (Goodbye.)

Interviewer: (Traffic joke from earlier.)

Interviewee: (Ha.)

Rush Event ...

Sorority Sister: (Excited greeting.)

Rush: (Excited greeting.)

Sorority Sister: (Name. Name?)

Rush: (Name. Year?)

Sorority Sister: (Year. House?)

Rush: (House.)

Sorority Sister: (Mutual friend?)

Rush: (Mutual friend!)

Sorority Sister: (Joke about number of people at event.)

Rush: (Agreement.)

Sorority Sister: (Compliment on outfit.)

Rush: (Compliment on outfit.)

Sorority Sister: (Story behind outfit.)

Sorority Sister: (Plans for weekend?)

Rush: (Plans for weekend. Plans for weekend?)

Sorority Sister: (Plans for weekend.)

Rush: (Comment on event.)

Sorority Sister: (Introduction to nearby sorority sister.)

On the Red Carpet ...

Aaron Sorkin: (Black Swan!)

Natalie Portman: (Social Network.)

Aaron Sorkin: (Joke about Mark E. Zuckerberg.)

Natalie Portman: (Hahaha.)

Aaron Sorkin: (Request to friend on Facebook.)

Natalie Portman: (Agreement.)

Aaron Sorkin: (No strings attached hook-up?)

Natalie Portman: (Pregnant.)

Aaron Sorkin: (Smiles for camera.)

Natalie Portman: (Smiles for camera.)

New Freshmen Roommates ...

Freshman 1: (Greeting!!!!)

Freshman 2: (Greeting!!!!)

Freshman 1: (Fridge?)

Freshman 2: (Fridge. Futon?)

Freshman 1: (Futon!)

Freshman 2: (Home state?)

Freshman 1: (Exotic country. Home state?)

Freshman 2: (Texas.)


Freshman 2: (Story from exotic country from gap year.)

Freshman 1: (Story from country from weekend getaway!)

Freshman 2: (Prestigious boarding school?)

Freshman 1: (Prestigious boarding school. Prestigious boarding school?)

Freshman 2: (More prestigious boarding school. Plans for summer?)

Freshman 1: (Plans for summer. Plans for summer?)

Freshman 2: (Plans for the next four years.)

Freshman 1: (Blocking?)

Freshman 2: (Blocking!)

Returning From Break ...

Girl From Section Last Semester: (Greeting with name!)

Boy From Section Last Semester: (Greeting without name.)

Girl From Section Last Semester: (Break?)

Boy From Section Last Semester: (Skiing. Break?)

Girl From Section Last Semester: (Africa.)

Girl From Section Last Semester: (Question about concentration course this semester?)

Boy From Section Last Semester: (Switched to government.)

Girl From Section Last Semester: (Gen Ed?)

Boy From Section Last Semester: (Already fulfilled.)

Boy From Section Last Semester: (Excuse to leave.)

Girl From Section Last Semester: (Hopeful goodbye.)

Boy From Section Last Semester: (Leaves.)

Exiting Lamont ...

Security Guard: (Open bag.)

Student: (Opens bag.)

Security Guard: (Open obscure pocket.)

Student: (Opens obscure pocket.)

Student: (Joke about time of night. Hahaha.)

Security Guard: (Mumble.)

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