A Few of Their Favorite Things

Farish A. Jenkins, Jr.

Farish A. Jenkins, Jr.

Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

1. Dinosaur ankle bones

2. A Czechoslovakian rabbit fur hat:

His trademark hat, which he describes as “very soft.”

3. An apple basket:

He brings apples to his students from his farm.

4. A cast of a forepaw of a great white bear from an expedition to Antarctica. The bear walked within 50 feet of his tent.

Dr. Gregory Tucci

Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Chemical Biology

1. Albert Einstein Bookends:

A gift from his aunt upon completion of his Ph.D

2. Several dirty wine glasses:

“Every time a Chair of the Department retires, we have a glass of champagne,” Tucci explained. “I keep it and don’t clean [the glass].”

3. Pomegranate Green Tea Superfruit Tea and Tazo Tea containers:

“My wife’s from the U.K. and after I met her, I started drinking a lot of tea,” Tucci said.

4. Professor Tucci’s favorite item?

A wooden card-holder containing

experiments and solutions, written up by professors from decades past

Ryan D. Enos

Assistant Professor of Government

1. Post-WWII steel case desk:

While most professors get their furniture from the basement, Professor Enos’ office features modern furniture, and most of it is green—his favorite color.

2. His dad’s mechanical pointer:

He actually uses it occasionally.

3. A plant that survives off of three ice cubes per week:

He is proud of his plant, since it grew a whole new stem after the first stem broke.

4. Colorful mugs:

For aesthetic purposes only. He also has two white ones that are actually functional ... and stained with coffee.

Dustin Tingley

Assistant Professor of Government

1. Adjustable standing desk:

Tingley has a bad lower back, so he likes to stand sometimes.

2. Brown piece of driftwood:

Used for decoration

3. Photograph of a black target from a pistol range:

The prize for winning a friendly shooting competition with friends

4. A really small umbrella