Roving Reporter: Rock and Roll Petting Zoo

Enthusiastic parents rushed to Cambridge Performing Arts Center to see if they could inspire their children to take the stage at Coachella 2050. On Saturday November 10, The School of Groove hosted a Rock and Roll Petting Zoo for kids. Instructors of djembe, guitar, violin, piano, and a sampler introduced their instruments and the kids then took the stage to explore their talents by having them try each one out. The Roving Reporter was amongst the crowd, trying to spot the next Pete Townshend.

Sophia, 8

RR: Which one is your favorite instrument?

Sophia: The guitar!

RR: Why?


Sophia: I really like it.

RR: What did you like about it?

Sophia: The guitar…

Jasmine, 7

RR: Who’s your favorite composer?

Jasmine: I don’t have one.

RR: Why don’t you have one?

Jasmine: But I have one.

RR: Which one is it? Is it Mozart?

Jasmine: I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.

Stella, 7

RR: Which instrument did you like the best?

Stella: The drums.

RR: Why?

Stella: Because once I tried it, I was really good at it.

RR: Wow. So how did that feel like?

Stella: Like this (hits the table to show how she played drums)

Vivien, 4

RR: What do you want to play?

Vivien: The piano.

RR: What does the piano sound like?

Vivien: It sounds like a fast instrument.

RR: What are you going to play for me?

Vivien: I will play fast.

RR: Is that a song?

Vivien: Maybe... It’s fast.

Owen, 4.5

RR: What are you playing?

Owen: The banjo.

RR: How does it feel?

Owen: It’s heavy!

RR: Are you going to learn to play banjo?

Owen: I want to learn drums and electric guitar.

RR: Which song would you like to play on an electric guitar?

Owen: I would play John Lennon, “Imagine.”