Students React to Election Results at IOP Watch Party

Muhammad H Tahir

At 12:20AM after CNN released their projection that Obama had won the Presidential election, dozens of balloons drop onto spectators below at the Kennedy School's IOP election watch party.

Under strings of lights and patriotic red, white, and blue stars, students milled about the JFK Forum, eagerly looking up at the jumbotron and engaging in lively conversation at the Institute of Politics’ election night watch party.

“It’s really electrifying. Everyone is anticipating what’s going to happen next,” said Carolyn L. Roederer ’15.

Supporters rooted and cheered for their favorite political candidates. Friends embraced, jumping up and down when Law School professor Elizabeth Warren won the Massachusetts senatorial race.

Turnout at the Institute of Politics watch party was overwhelmingly and unsurprisingly Democrat. According to Roederer, this may be in part because Romney supporters were drawn to watch election results at Romney headquarters in Boston.

Although the event felt Democrat-heavy according to students, they agreed that the IOP did a good job hosting a bipartisan event.

IOP Director C. M. “Trey” Grayson '94 called David Axelrod, senior adviser to Obama, to comment on preliminary election results at 9 p.m. Alexrod, who was broadcast over speakerphone, spoke optimistically about early votes in Ohio and thanked the crowd gathered in the forum.

"I applaud anyone participating in the process, for what we need are bright young people getting involved.... Whether you support President Obama or Governor Romney, the fact that you're in the arena is meaningful for me," Axelrod said.

Phillip A. Acevedo ’13 came to the election party donning a Captain America costume and Uncle Sam hat.

“People have been asking me for pictures,” Acevedo said. “I wanted to portray the spirit of the night.”

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