Four More Years!

We are pleased about America’s next President

Yesterday, despite voter ID laws, closed polling stations, and entire towns that still had no power following Hurricane Sandy, over one hundred million Americans cast ballots on presidential, congressional, state, and local candidates, as well as dozens of important referenda. We are pleased that the general election resulted in a victory for Barack Obama, clearly the right choice for America and our endorsee for president.

Obama made many bold promises, first during his first four years and then during this campaign. With the support and cooperation of Congress—including Massachusetts’s newly elected Senator, Elizabeth Warren—we hope that he will make good on these promises.

According to the Crimson’s recent survey, Harvard students cited the economy and health care as the two most important issues in this election. We have high hopes that in his next four years as President, Barack Obama will be able to put our country and its people on sound economic footing. We expect him to strongly advocate for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and support marriage equality for LGBTQ Americans, to protect women’s rights, to decrease military spending, and to use that money to finance important social programs. We are also relieved that the U.S. will not have to risk losing important programs like the American Care Act and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

A second Obama term is exciting, and we look forward to the president following through on his promises and leading our country until 2016.


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