UC To Transform Northwest Labs Into One-Night Club

The Undergraduate Council will host a school-wide dance party at Northwest Labs Friday night featuring mash-up artist 5 & A Dime and resident DJ of the club Royale Boston, DJ Breeazy.

The event, called Electric Labs, will be the first campus-wide event hosted by the Council since last April’s Lights Out party in Annenberg.

“This is new ground for the UC,” said Spenser R. Goodman ’14, chair of the UC’s Social Programs Committee. “After the College Events Board broke off from the UC in 2006, the UC is finally starting to dabble in events of this kind again.”

Representatives said that the event, with an expected attendance of 1,200 students, will make this lab and classroom building unrecognizable. To create a nightclub vibe, event organizers plan to use lasers, strobe lights, LED effect lights, and LED wash lights provided by Christian E. Chauvet ’12, whose family owns the light manufacturing company Chauvet Lighting.

“When students walk in, they won’t be able to recognize it,” said UC Social Programs Committee Vice Chair Francisco Triana ’13.

Mash-up artist 5 & A Dime, who will be performing at the event, will also be bringing an LED curtain for a light show. He and his opening act, DJ Breeazy, are known for their unique sound and high-energy performances.

“[5 & A Dime] was stoked to hear that he was going to perform in a lab,” said 5 & A Dime manager Maxwell H. Zotz. “He’s great when he performs live. He really gets into it, and he dances harder than anyone else.”

With several surprises lined up, representatives said that Northwest Labs will be an appropriate venue to host  the party. Upperclassmen will have access to the shuttle that regularly travels from the Quad to the Northwest Labs, and the UC has also a chartered a special bus service to run between Boylston Gate and Northwest Labs for the night.

“We’re going big on this event, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the place was packed,” Goodman said. “We don’t want to turn people away, so it’ll be important to get there early and on time.”

The UC will also be giving out sunglasses to the first 200 people in line and free glow sticks to everyone who attends.

“We’ve done everything to make this event as crazy as possible,” Triana said. “So get ready to party.”

—Staff writer Michelle Denise L. Ferreol can be reached at