Tacos Come to Science Center

Taco Tasting
Jessica C. Salley

Martin T. Breslin, Director of Culinary Operation for Harvard University Dining Services, prepares a pork taco for tasting as Executive Sous Chef Brian Corcoran looks on. Breslin's new creations, which include a Korean Barbeque Beef taco, will be available to students at the new Plaza Tacos eatery, opening on the Science Center lawn Monday.

The truck once part of Harvard Skate will now return as the Plaza Taco food truck, run by Harvard University Dining Services.

Plaza Taco will be stationed outside the Science Center, approximately where Harvard Skate once stood. Though scheduled to officially open at 11 a.m. on Monday, April 2, it will roll into public view on Friday, March 30.

The truck will be open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a test period of six weeks—from April 2 to May 18.

“We knew we wanted to do something, and tacos are a very popular food truck item,” Crista Martin, Director for Marketing and Communications at HUDS, said.

HUDS received its official license to open Plaza Taco Thursday, after passing inspections earlier this week.


The food truck will serve four different types of tacos: pork, chicken, beef, and vegetable. The beef taco will feature HUDS’ recurring favorite dinner option, Korean Barbecue, while the veggie taco will include seitan, or wheat gluten. Each type of taco has its own ingredients, but customers can also opt to customize their meal.

Chef Martin T. Breslin, Director for Culinary Operations at HUDS, and his team worked on the recipes and had several tastings before finalizing their menu. Breslin’s favorite is the beef taco.

“To put [Korean Barbecue] into a beautiful taco is delicious,” Breslin said.

The tacos shells will come from Tortilleria La Nina, founded by Boston-based, Mexican Chef Jamie Mammano.

The tortillas are made fresh daily in Everett, MA using authentically grown American corn, lime, and filtered water.

The taco truck will accept BoardPlus, Crimson Cash, and regular cash. The tacos, which Breslin describes as “double size” and a “value meal” will be $4.75 apiece. Four drinks will be offered: coke, diet coke, and water will cost $1.75 while lemonade will be $2.25.

All the tacos will be made at the Greenhouse Café and then taken to the food truck, where two students will sell the tacos.

“Currently I have some students that work at Lamont Café. We got a nice response during spring break of students looking for work. We have probably about 12 [student employees],” said Kim Smith, manager of Lamont Library Café, Barker Rotunda, and Dudley Café.

According to Martin, samples will be available on opening day, providing the weather is fair. People can also provide feedback on Plaza Taco’s Facebook and Twitter pages. If the input is positive, Plaza Taco will return in the fall.

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