Senior Profiles: Ryan P. Halprin, Theater

THC: What is the defining moment of your arts career at Harvard?

THC: One defining moment was seducing Julianne Moore to kiss me while playing Mark Zuckerberg on the Hasty Pudding stage. It made me realize if you’re convincing enough as a nerd, ANYONE will kiss you.

THC: In 30 years where do you see your skill with your medium having taken you?

THC: After Harvard, Plan A is to go to L.A. and learn how to be a film and/or TV producer. While there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to gain experience in that area here, there are common elements in most artistic projects, and I’m excited to bring those experiences to the big, scary real world.

THC: How do you think you’ll look back on your college work?

THC: In a lot of ways, I’ve never been happy with anything I’ve done. There’s never enough time, never enough sleep, never enough manpower. But every mistake I try not to make again, and I guess that’s what all the failing is for. I’m glad for all the stuff I got to try here because I’ll never have to do it again!

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