Senior Profile: Isabel Q. Carey, Theater

Isabel Q. Carey, Theater

THC: What is the defining moment of your arts career at Harvard?

IQC: Receiving my first speaking role freshman year and knowing that I’d earned it. That was heartening.

THC: Who are your greatest influences, at Harvard and in the larger artistic world?

IQC: At Harvard, I owe Calla Videt for showing me how interdisciplinary theater could be. I don’t follow theater as closely outside of Harvard as I should, but I deeply respect the ability of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to survive year after year as a site for destination theater.

THC: In 30 years where do you see your skill with your medium having taken you?

IQC: Performer, diplomat, or just a crazy woman on the bus with the best vocal technique you’ve ever heard. Oh, oh, add “con artist” as well.

THC: How do you think you’ll look back on your college work?

IQC: Why did I agree to do so many dangerous things without getting paid? That mixed with jealousy of all the amazing roles they wasted on me as an upstart college kid.