Senior Profile: Jesse C. Wong, Music

Jesse C. Wong, Music

THC: Who are your greatest influences, at Harvard and in the larger artistic world?

JCW: I am influenced by anybody who is passionately consumed by their art form in any genre of music, art, or other. I have a lot of respect for my peers who are directing groups on campus such as those working in theater, opera, and other orchestras. The University Choir director, Ed Jones, has also hugely influenced me in my rehearsal and conducting style.

THC: How do you think you’ll look back on your college work?

JCW: I loved getting to work with all the student extra-curricular organizations at Harvard, namely the Gilbert and Sullivan Players, the University Choir, the Harvard Krokodiloes, and the Bach Society Orchestra. They have given me many opportunities that I am extremely thankful for, and I have had many learning experiences with them that have shaped my own musical development.

THC: What is the funniest/strangest arts event you’ve been involved in?

JCW: Sophomore year I was given the opportunity to play a [specially] prepared piano in a new composition for the University Choir with orchestra. Specifically, I got to put metal chains directly on the piano strings and bang the hell out of the keys.