Winthrop Tutor Chosen as New Mather Resident Dean

Winthrop House tutor Luke A. Leafgren will serve as the next resident dean of Mather House.

Leafgren was selected from a competitive pool of applicants who were interviewed by several deans, Mather’s House Masters, House staff, tutors, and students.

Leafgren has been a tutor at Winthrop House for six years and served as interim resident dean of the House last fall while Resident Dean Gregg A. Peeples was on sabbatical.

“That experience helped me get a good sense of the challenges and the satisfaction that come with this role,” Leafgren said.

He said he anticipates that as resident dean, he will have a busier schedule filled with more meetings than he has had as a tutor. “But spending as much time as possible in the dining hall and at student events will remain a priority,” he said.

Leafgren described the job as “perfect” for him because it combines working closely with the student community and pursuing his interest in academia.

“My life is richer because of my work with Harvard undergraduates, and I’m glad that I can continue doing that while making an increased contribution in the role of resident dean,” he said.

Leafgren, who is completing his doctorate in comparative literature this year, received a B.A. in English from Columbia University and a second B.A. in Philosophy and Theology from Oxford University. He specializes in Arabic but said he can read about 10 different languages.

Although Leafgren said he will miss the Winthrop community, he added that he is excited to build new relationship with people in Mather House.

“I also can’t wait to enjoy the views of the river from the Mather dining hall,” he said. “I’m ready to make Mather my home.”

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