Odd Future of Filmmaking

Tyler gets creative in new short movie

Wikimedia Commons

It seems Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s Tyler, the Creator is attempting to amass as many creative roles as his rap collective’s name has words. Most recently, he is serving as the director for the music video of “Sam (Is Dead).” Written by Tyler and Domo Genesis, the song is part of “The OF Tape Vol. 2,” although the music video was presented by Tyler as “A Film by Wolf Haley” (one of his aliases). Tyler has taken to Twitter in his excitement over his directorial debut, tweeting, “BY 25 I DO NOT WANT TO BE RAPPING. LEGIT JUST MAKING FILMS AND SCORING THEM. SAM.”

The video features Genesis, Lee Spielman of Trash Talk, Manface, Lionel "L-Boy"Boyce, Brick Stowell, and Lucas Vercetti as soldiers in the Vietnam War. Tyler’s directorial debut doesn’t fail to deliver on the surreal and grisly atmosphere fanshave come to expect from his work: the video includes a scene with Tyler in fullmilitary dress executing three Tyler doppelgangers with his trademark graphict-shirts and Supreme snapbacks. With fresh bullet holes in their heads, the three Tylers then deliver the last lines of the track as their executioner looks on with satisfaction.

With Tyler’s ever-expanding repertoire and diversifying oeuvre of work, it’s growing harder and harder for any critics to deny that he has a bright (and odd) future ahead of him.


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