The Crimson Editorial Board Is Pleased To Announce Its Fall 2012 Columnists

Joshua B. Lipson '14, "Dining on Sacred Cow." A bold, ideologically maverick column that challenges social and political orthodoxies on the premise that nothing is sacred. Running on alternate Fridays, it approaches tired topics like Middle East affairs, human nature, and political psychology from an uncomfortable, but hopeful angle.

John F.M. Kocsis '15, "JFMK School of Government." Politics are a bit different in central Pennsylvania. In this column, I reconcile my conservative upbringing with my liberal education to come up with solutions for America's 100%.

Julian B. Gewirtz '13, "Occupational Therapy," will investigate how students are thinking about their career choices and propose new frameworks that better reflect changing opportunities and realities.

Heather L. Pickerell '15, "Talk to the Hand." "The shoe is on the other table, which has turned" - Sean Parker from the Social Network

Sarah R. Siskind '14, "The Snollygoster." Why is it illegal to own a pet giraffe in Massachusetts? This column explores loopy lawmakers, legal loopholes, and what this means for society.

Meredith C. Baker '13, "On The Map, Off the Radar." Her column will cover politics, humanitarian issues, and initiatives by Harvard students in countries that don't usually get front-page news.

Eric T. Justin '13, "Lone and Level Sands." After six months abroad in Egypt, Eric T. Justin will be sharing his insights on Middle East politics and culture on alternate Fridays.

Idrees Kahloon '16, "Institutional Corruption," This column will explore the effects of lobbying and campaign finance on public issues. It will explore possible flaws and proposed reforms to the post-Citizens United status quo.

Sarah C. Stein Lubrano '13, "Exodoxa." This column is about escaping common knowledge with a little philosophy.

Jack Cackler, "Standing on the Funny Bone of Giants." A first year PhD student in biostatistics, Jack Cackler will attempt to decipher the mysteries of modern science and new technology to entertain, (hopefully) enlighten, and provide a starting point for those who wish to schlep up the humerus to the shoulders of giants.

Jorge A. Araya '14, "Tico Travels." From the perspective as a Costa Rican studying in the United States, Jorge A. Araya '14's column will explore international and Latin American affairs.

Sandra Y.L. Korn '14, "The Red Line." The MBTA's Red Line connects Harvard to the rest of Cambridge, Boston, and the world. In a rather different way, this column will explore the ways in which Harvard interacts with its community - and how neoliberalism influences these interactions.