Ellison, CPD, HUPD Descend on Final Club Parties Saturday

After Ellison’s arrival, the Owl member said, club members talked to the police while partygoers slowly dispersed.

“I wasn’t called in to break up the party, the police were doing that. I was just asked to interact with students,” Ellison said by phone. “I was also there to help [the police] to avoid conflict and prevent things from escalating.”

Ellison wrote in the email to The Crimson that he also responded to another final club immediately after the incident, though he declined to identify which club.

According to the Owl member, Ellison has come to parties in the past that were being shut down and talked to members of the Owl’s board afterwards.

The Owl member added that he thought there was nothing unusual about Saturday night’s party other than its large size and high level of noise.


—Michelle Denise L. Ferreol and Jared T. Lucky contributed to the reporting of this article.

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