Singles Roundup

New music from MGMT, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon

"Cool Song No. 2"


Where have the cool “Kids” gone? With MGMT’s new album release comes their single, “Cool Song No. 2,” and a wave of disappointment as the band that brought “Electric Eel” to the music scene does not live up to its psychedelic rock standards.  As a tambourine-led percussion beat dies down to welcome the chorus, the louder voices and thrashing piano chords do little to add interest. If there is any silver lining of this subpar single, it’s that “Alien Days” and “Your Life is a Lie,” also from the new album, at least manage to  provide surging vocals that will keep you awake if not entertained.


Lady Gaga, "Art Pop"


Lady Gaga is at it again. With her newest single, “Applause,” Gaga does just as nearly every other pop artist does: focuses on none other than herself. Sung to Gaga’s usually electronic style, this is one dance-ready track you can feel free to miss. With lyrics such as “One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me,” trying to find meaning in the words is futile. Little substance comes across beyond how the diva likes attention, and the tune is only as good as cold pizza: you’ll eat it when you’re starving, but you desperately hope never to be in that position.

"Don't Matter"

Kings of Leon, "Mechanical Bull"

It “don’t matter” if you listen for this song or not because soon enough you will be hearing it everywhere. From Kings of Leon’s new album “Mechanical Bull,” the dominance of popular summer hits “Supersoaker” and “Wait For Me,” still leave room for the up-and-coming “Don’t Matter.” As recently performed on the David Letterman show, this song with a strong rock feel features Caleb Followill’s somewhat raspy vocals and a strong guitar presence that brings a refreshing change to the mechanical trash that has come to define nearly all popular music these days.


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