Goffard Elected UC Vice President, Mayopoulos Assumes UC Presidency

UC Education Committee Chair Dhruv P. Goyal ’16 pushed back, pointing out that neither outgoing UC President Tara Raghuveer ’14 nor outgoing UC vice president Jen Q. Zhu ’14 had significant experience in the Council’s finances when they were elected. Rather, he argued, it is the role of the UC vice president to facilitate “big-picture advocacy” efforts.

Zhu said that the position is not strictly defined. “It’s up to you what you think the UC vice president role should be, whether it’s finance or advocacy,” Zhu said.

Raghuveer emphasized the importance of having a UC vice president who can support Mayopoulos, a UC outsider, in “every single capacity” as he navigates the UC presidency.

“Gus is in for a big learning curve,” Raghuveer said. “I’m saying that now because my learning curve was incredibly steep.”

The election of the vice president, secretary, and treasurer of the Council finalized the Council’s Executive Committee for 2014. In internal committee elections held throughout the last week, Goyal was re-elected as Education Committee chair, Leah C. Singer ’16 was elected as Finance Committee chair, Gong was elected as student initiatives chair, Ava Nasrollahzadeh ’16 was elected as student relations chair, and Oliver W. Kim ’16, a Crimson editorial writer, was elected student life committee chair. The Rules Committee does not hold elections, as the chair position is appointed by the UC president.


Later in the three-hour long meeting, the Council allocated funds to student organizations through its last grants package of the semester and passed legislation renewing the UC’s commitment to fund DAPA.

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