Macklemore: Everywhere But Here

Wikimedia Commons

Macklemore in concert

Mark your calendars, because on April 26, Macklemore is coming to a campus near you!

But, as always, you can't have your cake and eat it too—the "Thrift Shop" sensation isn't coming to Harvard, but to MIT's Springfest, before scrambling down to New Haven for Yale's Spring Fling. Yardfest better step it up this year.

For those looking to pop some tags with Macklemore, here's how to score some tickets:

1. MIT students can buy two tickets on pre-sale for $15, so text your friends over there now.

2. Wait until March 8, when tickets will go on sale for the general public for $25. Pray that some remain.

In the meantime, the ball's in your court CEB—make us proud.


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