Q&A: Meghamsh Kanuparthy ’16 and Ema H. Horvath ’16

Do you support modifying Harvard's current sexual assault and misconduct policy to include affirmative consent?


Do you believe the UC can increase its yearly budget by 50 percent or more by the time you graduate?

No. But we'll damn well try.

Do you support allowing the UC to fund alcohol through its general grants?


No. The last time we did this we got our funding cut off for a bit. The Office of the General Counsel at Harvard already decided in 2008 that the College couldn't condone the UC's funding alcohol.

What is a major way in which you will differ from Gus and Sietse’s approach to running the Council?

We're switching the roles of the insider and outsider. But seriously, we'd like to do a lot of the same things.

How often do you think students should have to sign an affirmation of integrity under the College’s new honor code?

On every major assignment: midterms, research papers, finals, large projects.

Would you have supported a referendum question calling on the Council to reform its structures and do away with electing representatives based on Houses and Yards?

It depends. Council structural reform is a topic that can mire an administration and requires serious thought. That being said, for right now, the house/yard representation seems like a pragmatic solution.


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