Lee To Lead The Crimson’s 142nd Guard

Lee To Serve as President, Conway as Managing Editor, Nelson as Business Manager

Steven S. Lee ’16 will lead the newly elected 142nd Guard of The Harvard Crimson, the organization’s President announced on Friday.

Lee, an economics concentrator from San Bernardino, Calif., and an Adams House resident, currently serves as a news writer and designer for The Crimson. As a reporter covering the College Administration, Lee has worked closely with managing editor-elect Madeline R. Conway ’16 to lead the paper’s coverage of sexual assault on campus and the installation of a new College Dean. Lee will assume the President's post in January.

The paper's outgoing editors elected their successors early Friday morning. The Crimson’s current President, Samuel Y. Weinstock ’15, shared the results with The Crimson's staff soon after.

“This is a group of extraordinarily strong and talented leaders, who I have no doubt will guide The Crimson toward better serving its missions of informing the Harvard community and educating the next generation of writers, designers, photographers, businesspeople, and citizens,” Weinstock said Friday evening.

In addition to her work with Lee, Conway has served as an executive and comp director for Flyby, The Crimson’s student life blog. She will oversee the production of The Crimson’s daily newspaper, two magazines, and blogs.


Juliet A. Nelson ’16, an advertising manager for The Crimson who led the paper’s summer business staff in 2014, will take the helm of its finances and operations as Business Manager.

Founded in 1873, The Crimson is the only daily newspaper in Cambridge, Mass., and the oldest continuously published daily college newspaper.

The Crimson chooses its leaders through an election process known as the Turkey Shoot, in which all outgoing executives are invited to participate. A successful candidate must receive at least 75 percent of the vote to be elected to a given position.

Joining Lee, Conway, and Nelson on the masthead are:

Associate Managing Editors: Matthew Q. Clarida '16 and Steven R. Watros '16

Associate Business Managers: John P. Finnegan '16 and Alvin K. Leung '16

Editorial Chairs: John A. Griffin '16 and Molly L. Roberts '16

Arts Chairs: Grace E. Huckins '16 and Abby L. Noyes '16

Blog Chairs: Hammie Park '17 and Lauren Volpert '17

Design Chairs: Helen Bae ’16 and Lisa Ma '16

FM Chairs: Cordelia F. Mendez ’16 and Bailey M. Trela '16

Multimedia Chairs: Madeline R. Lear ’17 and George J. Lok ‘16

Sports Chairs: Caleb Y. Lee '17 and Jake T. Meagher '17

Directors of Web Development: Nikhil L. Benesch '17 and David Fan '16


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