Fifteen Most Hottest Freshmen

Brian Vanity Portrait

It’s finally here! Without further ado, the hottest, youngest, and now most popular people at the College:

Emma R. Adler

First date icebreaker: “How long can high literature continue to fetishize the impenetrable?”

Middle initial stands for: “The Rock”


Favorite crops: Squash, maize, and climbing beans

Natalie T. Chang

Favorite movie to snuggle up to: “Boyhood”

Favorite bands: Animal Collective, Beach House, Dirty Projectors, Passion Pit, Phoenix

Favorite exec: Alan R. Xie

Erica X Eisen

Literature or Chris Brown?: Chris Brown

Tattoos: “Pete” and “Princess” surrounding a crown on her wrist (“Pete” is now crossed out), a tattoo of Johnny Cash and Kim Jong-il’s hypothetical child on her left bicep, and “Breath” on her left rib cage, to remind her to keep breathing.

Favorite exec: Alan R. Xie

Will Holub-Moorman


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