UC Elects New Members, Discusses Honor Code, Gender Neutral Housing

Despite conversation among members of the UC, the amendment was not brought to a vote.

UC President Gus A. Mayopoulos '15 said in an interview after the meeting that he is not sure if O'Connor’s method is the best way to amend the draft and confirmed that a vote on the proposed amendment has not been scheduled.

“We support the creation of an honor code…however I think it’s still up for debate whether or not the UC thinks that a signature or a different medium [works best],” Mayopoulos said.

Brianna J. Suslovic '16 also spoke before the Council to explain why she felt gender-neutral housing, which was passed by referendum this fall, was important and how the UC might help.


Suslovic, who lives in a mixed-gender dorm in Winthrop House, said that the process of getting in a gender-neutral dorm room needs to be made simpler and more transparent.

“People don’t know necessarily know if their houses are or are not part of the pilot program,” Suslovic said.

The body did not vote on any specific legislation related to reforming gender-neutral housing procedures, but agreed to assist Suslovic in drafting legislation for the Council.

Afterwards, the UC approved legislation for spring semester grant submissions and elected Charles A. Scherr  '17 and Kate A. Buellesbach  '16 as social czars.

Special Election Results:

Kirkland: Quinn D. Hatoff '15 , Kate A. Buellesbach '16

Mather: Milly Wang ’16

Dunster: Sriram V. Pendyala ’15


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