Students Enjoy Super Bowl Festivities Around Campus

Whether die-hard fans or not, many students decided to at least tune in to watch the Seattle Seahawks trounce the Denver Broncos on Sunday night, 43-8, as viewing parties around campus energized students for Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Freshman Dean’s Office and the Undergraduate Council partnered together to host a Super Bowl party for the freshman class. Those who attended the festivities in the Cambridge Queen’s Head were treated with snacks like mozzarella sticks, nachos, onion rings, and various beverages.

“I really didn’t have any other place to go watch this other than my common room,” Eric R. Anschuetz ’17 said. “Friends who don’t even watch football normally are here to watch, and it’s free food. I can’t complain.”

Even the campus dining halls prepared a special dinner for the big event. In honor of the Super Bowl, Harvard University Dining Services presented a menu of gameday favorites, which included boneless buffalo chicken wings, potato skins, and quesadillas.


“I like the Super Bowl wings and the potatoes but I feel like they should have more healthy vegetables to make you feel better while you’re eating things like this,” Meg G. Panetta ’17 said.

Although clubs and organizations like the Institute of Politics held viewing parties, many found buzzing events in the comfort of their own dorms or Houses, where students said they enjoyed the experience of watching the game among peers and friends.

“You get to see other people,” said Changlin Li ’14, who was watching the Super Bowl in the Winthrop Junior Common Room. “You get to talk to them when you’re getting food, or discussing scores and plays, or even when you’re selectively groaning with each other.

Although some students’ favorite teams never even made it to the Super Bowl, many chose a side to root for throughout the night.

“I usually root for the Cowboys, even though they haven’t been doing so well for the last couple of years,” Saahil R. Mehta ’17 said. “I’m rooting for the Seahawks right now.”

“I’m a big Detroit Lions fan, but today I’m rooting for the Broncos because of Peyton Manning,” Anschuetz said.

“Being in an environment where everyone is enthusiastic about the game brings up your own level of enthusiasm, even if you weren’t that enthusiastic to begin with,” Li said.

However, students cheering for Seattle said they were proud of their team’s showing.

“I’m from Seattle so the way the game is turning out is great by me,” Li said at halftime.

—Staff writer Kamara A. Swaby can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @SwabyK.