Behind the Scenes with the Pudding

By the time the first modern Broadway musical had its premiere in 1866, the Hasty Pudding Theatricals had already produced more than 20 shows. And the troop has not slowed down since. “Victorian Secrets,” the Pudding’s 166th production, is running at Farkas Hall through March 9. The Crimson sat down with composer Dylan MarcAurele ’16, writer Brian J. Mendel ’15, and actor Ethan D. Hardy ’14 to get an idea of what went into the making of the latest iteration of a time-honored spectacle.

The Harvard Crimson: What are your favorite memories from the rehearsal process or the show’s run?

Ethan Hardy: As a cast member, the 12 of us spend a tremendous amount of time together. It’s kind of ridiculous. We spend hundreds of hours total with each other. We do the show 38 times…and the weeks of [rehearsals] prior to that run 12 hours a day. There’s a lot of togetherness that develops over that.


Brian Mendel: There have been a lot of moments that have been very cool from a writer’s perspective…. When we saw the sketches for the set design…[was] when it all became real. And then the first read-through, and seeing everyone in their costumes for the first time…. It’s been really cool to have something come out of nothing and become this huge production with all of these very talented people.

THC: What is your favorite number in the show?

Dylan MarcAurele: “Bustin’ Out” gets the best reaction. It’s Ethan’s big gospel number, in which Sharon Secrets, the poor missionary girl, proclaims that she’s going to leave the church and sort of become a slut. In a punnier way.

THC: How do you deal with the heels?

EH: We get pretty good at them…. It’s all about just developing those leg muscles…. I can’t speak for [the whole] cast, but I’m actually quite fond of heels now. I think they’re pretty fun to wear, and I think it helps you get into character.


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