In Response to Anonymous Op-Ed, UC Forms Sexual Assault Policy Task Force

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And just this fall, the College appointed its first Title IX coordinators, roughly a year after 85 percent of undergraduate voters in the 2012 UC presidential election supported a reconsideration of the College’s sexual assault policies. That became the official stance of the UC.

In interviews Monday, UC leaders criticized what they characterized as a lack of student input on the evaluation of the University-wide policies.

Goffard said he was “a little upset” that students have not been more involved in the process, and Mayopoulos deemed it “a mistake” on the part of the University not to solicit more student input.

Emily M. Fox-Penner ’17, an organizer for the Our Harvard Can Do Better campaign, applauded past and present efforts of the UC in an emailed statement.

“Given Harvard's shunning of student input on policy, despite the fact that this policy primarily affects us, we think that the formation of this UC working group is an important step as it provides some formal acknowledgement of the wide consensus among students that current policy needs to change and that student and survivor experience should inform these changes,” Fox-Penner wrote.

Goffard said he and Mayopoulos will discuss changes to the sexual assault policy in a previously scheduled meeting with Interim Dean of the College Donald H. Pfister this Friday and plan to speak with representatives from Our Harvard Can Do Better later this week.

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