Twelve College Advisors Recognized with Annual Award

For the third consecutive year, 12 advisors at the College have been recognized by the Advising Programs Office for their outstanding guidance and mentorship in their work with undergraduates.

The award, called the Star Family Prizes for Excellence in Advising, was established by alumnus James A. Star ’83 and recognizes three individuals from four different categories of advisingfreshman, sophomore, concentration, and faculty. This year, 156 advisors were nominated for an award.


“A prize like this sends a powerful, important symbolic message to the community about the importance of advising, of the role of advising in an undergraduate campus in promoting the welfare and well-being of our students,” said Director of Advising Programs Glenn R. Magid.

According to Magid, the Advising Programs Office sent emails to undergraduates in early February inviting them to nominate their advisors, and award winners were notified in late March. Selection of winners was based on the thoughtfulness of the written nomination and the evidence of impact the advisor had on the student.

Many of the prize-winners, who range from faculty members to House tutors, expressed gratitude that their advisees felt impacted by their work.

“I was completely surprised and really humbled,” said Mackenzie J. Lowry ’11, a proctor for the freshman entryway Wigglesworth E who won a freshman advising award. “I certainly admire past winners so it was really amazing to think that I also got this award.”

One of these past winners was Waqas Jawaid, a freshman proctor who worked with Lowry when she was a Peer Advising Fellow.


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