Sailing Posts Mixed Results Over Weekend

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Similar to the Fowle regatta, the freshman believed the team’s greatest weakness on the water was with the starts.

“We often shot ourselves in the foot with subpar beginnings and were fighting from behind for the rest of the race,” Mollerus said.

Fortunately for the Crimson, mental acuity was working in its favor.

“Our strength was our ability to recognize what was the best move at any given time,” Mollerus said. “With the conditions being so unstable, the play changed rapidly and unpredictably, and we won many races because we were able to recognize what had happened before the other team.”

With the close of team racing, the Crimson’s season transitions now to feel racing, where one boat represents each college in match-ups that will bring up to 18 teams together competing in longer races.

“Overall, although we didn’t get the result we worked for, we will continue training hard to get better,” Drumm said. “After a few weeks of regattas we will have the opportunity to qualify for fleet race nationals.”

—Staff writer Tanner Skenderian can be reached at tskenderian@college.harvard.