Sandberg Urges Graduates To Open Themselves to Criticism, Seek Truth

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Christy L. DiSilvestro ’14, who said she had been on the varsity water polo team prior to injuring herself and ending up with crutches for two years, discussed the ways in which some of the most important memories of her undergraduate years could not be captured in a photograph.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things,” DiSilvestro said.

Afterwards, Jenna D. Martin ’14, the female speaker of the Ivy orations program, which is intended for humorous reflection, poked fun at the banality of graduations and attempted to allay fears that the graduates peaked during college.

“Class of 2014, I am not saying you can do anything. As you will discover tomorrow, you can’t look good in a cap and gown. But at least there’s a good chance you didn’t peak in college,” Martin said.

Zachary W. Guzman ’14, the male speaker for the Ivy orations, took a similar lighthearted approach, making jokes about a satanic black mass which was originally scheduled to take place at Harvard earlier this month, the email search scandal, and affirmative action.

In the end, Guzman used an extended metaphor of Harvard as a romantic partner more than 350 years older than himself to confirm his love with the institution, which he said will last “till death do us part.”

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