Comeback Game of the Year: Brandon McLaughlin

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In the fifth game, Malik fought back to a tie it at 10-all. At game point, the crowd was completely silent as the rally started. However, once McLaughlin delivered a drop shot that Malik was unable to return, a deafening cheer rose as the senior turned around and fist pumped to the audience.

“I just had so much adrenaline going,” McLaughlin said. “I had played [Malik] before so I had a game plan for how I wanted to play with him. He’s a pretty talented player, so I wanted to keep him in the back as much as I could. But in a match like that, it’s much more about emotion. We’re both pretty good squash players, so it was whoever wanted it more.”

The senior’s last home match gave him a final mark of 13-2.

“Brandon has carried the team as the captain and leader by example, not just by words,” classmate Ali Farag said. “He’s led the team by his work ethic and maturity, and no one could have [earned that] victory as he did. Being down, 2-1, and coming back is just incredible. I think that what he did is something he will remember for his entire life.”

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