Cabot House to Place Time Capsule in Cupola

Briggs Hall's Cupola, from Cabot House, sits in the Radcliffe Quadrangle for restoration. The cupola will be host to a time capsule filled with contributions from students, to be opened in 2036.

Renovations on the cupola of Cabot House’s Briggs Hall have prompted the creation of a time capsule, which current students will fill with reflections on their college experiences and letters to future generations of Cabot residents.

The opportunity to place the capsule inside the cupola came when renovations to the House, which include the restoration of the cupola in accordance with the Cambridge Historical Society’s standards, began. The cupola currently sits on the lawn in the Radcliffe Quadrangle as repairs take place.


The capsule will be opened in 2036, Harvard’s 400th anniversary, according to Cabot Co-House Master Stephanie Khurana.

Khurana said the idea for the time capsule stemmed from time spent reflecting on the history of Cabot and Radcliffe College.

“We thought it might be a good opportunity to actually share how things are in the present day for those in the future.” she said. “Because we’ve really been able to learn so much from looking back at our history and really being inspired by the values of Radcliffe around inclusivity and respect and around caring for one another—really getting back to our motto of ‘Semper Cor’ which means ‘Always Heart.’”

Khurana said she believes the time capsule has become a popular topic of conversation around the House, and she hopes current students will take advantage of the chance to share something meaningful about their lives—wishes for the future, the challenges they face, or anecdotes about the Cabot community.

She said that she feels student submissions will also provide an opportunity for alumni visiting Cabot in 2036 to reflect on their experiences as undergraduates.

House Administrator Amanda Pepper sent an email to the Cabot community last week informing students of the opportunity to craft notes to include in the capsule. Students have until May 15 to submit items.

Khurana added that the time capsule, which will include photographs in addition to student notes, was scheduled to be installed in advance of Commencement to give current Cabot seniors the opportunity to participate.

According to an email sent over the Cabot House list on Thursday, the cupola will be placed back on top of Briggs Hall once the final exam period ends.

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