Students Celebrate Spring Term Primal Scream

Primal Scream 2014
John Y Wang

Students warm up as they prepare themselves for the semesterly Primal Scream. Primal Scream takes place at the end of every reading period as students begin their finals in the next morning.

Despite the relatively warm temperatures that graced the College for the last couple days, fewer people participated in Harvard’s semi-annual tradition Primal Scream on Thursday than in the fall term.

Primal Scream, a naked run around Harvard Yard that occurs each semester on the night before the first round of final exams, kicked off nearly after the stroke of midnight, when some students began their run around the yard.

Though the event featured a band member who sprinted around the yard with his tuba, the spring festivities lacked much of the excitement last semester’s run, bystanders noted. The Scream typically attracts more runners in the fall than in the spring.

The band, true to tradition, played songs like “Ridin’ Dirty” near the steps of University Hall while waiting for the runners to start.

The runners, around 40 students total, gave out high-fives and waved to those who watched as they sped around the yard.

Some people who have participated in the event before also noted the differences between the fall and spring runs.

In fact, twenty or more tourists were standing on the stairs of University Hall with their cameras and iPads out before the screaming started.

“I feel pretty uncomfortable about the amount of tourists at this time,” said David J. Coletti ’17, who was around the yard while the run was happening. “I know one thing for sure though, they definitely got their money’s worth here.”

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