The Crimson Editorial Board is Pleased to Announce its Fall 2014 Columnists

UPDATED: September 24, 2014, at 9:45 p.m.

Nelson L. Barrette '17Nelson's Rum.”  The truth that’s 150 proof: a historical perspective, sometimes unexpected, on issues in the news.  This column will appear on alternate Mondays.

Tez M. Clark '17, “White Noise.”  White Noise: n. a loud and meaningless noise that obliterates information. This column will try to confront society’s white noise and tackle the perennial question of where this noise comes from. Who determines access to information? Which groups regulate speech in the public sphere? Special emphasis will be placed on the politics of news, especially internationally.  This column will appear on alternate Fridays.

Jacob R. Drucker ’15, “Rabbit Hole.”  “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Indeed, I often feel much like the Queen, but perhaps because I used to take bible study and a course on good governance, both in the same morning. This column will feel like those classes, just shorter and more optional.  This column will appear on alternate Thursdays.

Al Fernández '17“Row the Boat.”  This column will dissect the ways through which we give meaning to our lives- a subject that too often mires itself in either pompous self-importance or morose self-reflection. Answers attempted, but not guaranteed.  This column will appear on alternate Fridays.

Jennifer A. Gathright '16“From the Brain Break Files.”  The truth is, we've been given a gift here, even if it seems like there's never any peanut butter left at Brain Break. I may not know which CGIS is which, but I'm determined to prove to Deresiewicz that we have souls.  This column will appear on alternate Tuesdays.

Reina A.E. Gattuso ’15, “Material Girl.” A queer column on cultural politics, Material Girl tackles the ethics of being in a body that’s part of bigger systems. Thinking about identity, inclusion, making connections between “over there” and “over here”—and yes, maybe even Madonna.  This column will appear on alternate Fridays.

Oliver W. Kim '16“Homo Economicus.”  In this column, a rational, self-interested individual applies the curious logic of economics to everything from world news to campus life.  This column will appear on alternate Wednesdays.

Andrew B. Pardue '16“The Respectable Right.”  An exploration of contemporary political issues from a thoughtful conservative perspective with an eye towards refuting the popular image of the wild-eyed, food-stockpiling, birth certificate-demanding American right.  This column will appear on alternate Tuesdays.

Jamie Piltch '17“Searching for Excellence.” At Harvard, success, excellence, and difficulty are often seen as concrete, extrinsic, and results based. Through discussion of various issues on campus and in America, this column will hopefully challenge members of the community to contemplate and maybe even reconsider their definitions of these three words.  This column will appear on alternate Thursdays.

J. Gram Slattery '15“The People's Republic.”  If national politics is complicated, then the politics of Harvard and the Millenial community is nearly nonsensical. “The People’s Republic” seeks to make sense of the complex issues relevant to young people and Cantabrigians—while having some fun along the way.  This column will appear on alternate Wednesdays.

Dashiell F. Young-Saver ’16, "A Dash of Insanity." Meant to be a break from legitimate and worthwhile editorial writing, Dash takes a look at the much neglected (for good reason) lighter side of Harvard's heavier issues on alternate Mondays.

Faheem Zaman ’16, “Work in Progress.” This column will examine social interventions from a human lens. It will appear on alternate Fridays.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

CORRECTION: September 24, 2014

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the Jenny Gathright'16 column is named "The Mix Up Files. In fact, the column is called "The Brain Break Files."