Freshman Survey Part IV: Liberals, Virgins, and Facebook Fanatics

Looking Closer at the Beliefs, Lifestyles of the Class of 2018

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Muslims, on average, were the least favorable toward same-sex marriage, with just 44 percent of respondents favorably rating it.

When it comes to the legalization of marijuana, Jews were on average much more supportive of legalizing the drug, and rural students were on average more supportive than their urban peers.


While half of surveyed freshmen are in favor of legalizing marijuana, most do not use the substance.

Twenty-five percent of respondents reported that they had used marijuana, but only about 3 percent said they ingested the substance once a week or more. Overall, the higher a respondent's reported combined family income, the the more likely they were to have used marijuana. Less than one percent of respondents reported having tried cocaine or LSD.

Overall, respondents proved to be fairly abstinent when it came to participating in drug use, with an overwhelming majority of surveyed freshmen reporting to have never tried any drug harder than marijuana, and even more, 87 percent, saying they have not smoked tobacco.

Though respondents may cringe at the thought of lighting up a Marlboro Red, they appear to have fewer reservations about alcohol. Two-thirds of respondents have already had a first drink, with 39 percent of surveyed freshmen reporting that they have had a drink at least between once a month and once a semester.

Those who identified as white were most likely to have had a drink, with 70 percent reporting doing so. Students of Indian descent were the least likely to have reported having a drink, with less than half doing so.

Denomination aside, those who described themselves as “very religious” were the least likely to report having had a drink. Those who report being somewhat or very conservative are more likely to report having had a drink than their liberal counterparts.

Still, no matter how much they are drinking, this year’s respondents are probably not purchasing the alcohol themselves, as only 11 percent reported having a fake ID.


Though close to 60 percent respondents reported being virgins, men were more likely than women to have had sex. According to survey results, high family income and attending private school correlated strongly with increased sexual activity. Around 60 percent of varsity athletes report having had sex, compared to just 39 percent of non-athletes.

When it comes to religious groups, Jews reported being the most sexually active, followed by atheists and agnostics.

Respondents who indicated that they were “very interested” in joining a final club or greek organization were more than twice as likely to report having had sex than respondents who said they were “not at all interested” in punching or pledging.

The most common time to lose virginity among respondents was in either 11th or 12th grade.


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