Freshman Survey Part IV: Liberals, Virgins, and Facebook Fanatics

Looking Closer at the Beliefs, Lifestyles of the Class of 2018

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International students reported having had more sexual partners than their American peers, with 66 percent of non-virgin international respondents claiming multiple partners. Rural respondents also had more sexual partners than city kids, with 63 percent of rural non-virgins claiming multiple partners compared to 46 percent for urban dwellers. Students who identified as homosexual on average reported having more sexual partners than heterosexul respondents.


If the Harvard freshman class were judged on its diversity solely by what type of computer its students own, it would not be very diverse. According to the survey, 71 percent of respondents own a Mac and 73 percent carry an iPhone in their pocket. The vast majority are also plugged into Facebook, with only 2 percent of surveyed freshmen abstaining from the social-media site. A slim majority also participates in Twitter, with 52 percent of the class having an account.

When broken down a bit further, though, the apparent homogeneity is less consistent. While 77 percent of white respondents reported owning a Mac, only 58 percent of black respondents did. Income differences also revealed a disparity within the majorities—over 91 percent of the highest family income bracket reported owning a Mac, while only 57 percent of the lowest income group reported ownership.

The most common reported estimation of time spent on Facebook was “between 16 and 30 minutes.” Still, most respondents reported spending far more time studying.

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