By Eliza R. Pugh

Anatomy of a Harvard Yale Outfit

You may have it all figured out, but you’re missing one key detail. What are you supposed to wear to the The Game?
By Emma C. Scornavacchi

Everything is ready. You trekked to the Murr Center for your ticket. You reserved your spot on the shuttle. You begged that random Yale kid you chatted with once in high school to let you sleep on their floor. You may have it all figured out, but you’re missing one key detail. What are you supposed to wear to the The Game?

FM is here to help with some basic pointers for the clueless collegiate.

By Eliza R. Pugh

1. Keep an eye on the weather. New Haven is no paradise any time of the year, but it’s particularly unappealing in late November. Chances are it’ll be cold, gloomy, and possibly even rainy, so check ahead of time and pack for every meteorological possibility just in case. You’re there to cheer for Harvard, not to complain about the cold. Raincoats and heavy jackets are encouraged. Just make sure that they’re not blue.

2. Layer up. Although you may get warm running between different tailgates in the morning, the stadium itself is guaranteed to be freezing. It doesn’t get colder than standing still in a giant cement and metal bowl for several hours, so seriously, wear layers. Start with a T-shirt and add a sweater or two with a heavy jacket on top. Your look may be reminiscent of the Michelin Man.

3. Show some school pride. You may get judged when you wear your Harvard gear back home, and it may be just a little obnoxious to wear it head to toe, but this is the one day of the year when entirely pretentious is entirely acceptable. Rock that H sweater, own the Harvard-on-Harvard sweatshirt look. Bonus points for every crimson clothing item you’re wearing. Make sure everyone knows exactly what school you go to. Hint: It’s not Yale.

4. Practicality makes perfect. The tailgate beer you’re holding and the biting wind chill will only work against you, so at least try to keep your hands wam. Wear gloves. Fancy leather fur-lined gloves, if you must. It doesn’t matter. Comfy shoes with warm socks, a hat that covers your ears, and sunglasses are all necessities. Everyone’s going to look ridiculous anyway, so you might as well be comfortable doing it.

5. Jazz it up. Add a twist to your outfit, something to make you stand out from the riding boot and Barbour jacket-clad crowds. This is the day to wear those crazy pom-pom gloves, or that sparkly necklace, or the trendy sweater you’ve been too scared to wear anywhere else. Everyone will be too… busy… to call you out on it anyway.

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