Jazz Trio Performs to Packed Sanders Theatre

Closing to a standing ovation, the Children of the Light trio performed for a packed crowd in Sanders Theatre on Friday night.

Composed of pianist Danilo Pérez, bassist John Patitucci, and drummer Brian Blade, the trio previously belonged to the Wayne Shorter Quartet, a Grammy award-winning jazz ensemble, before it disbanded in 2014. According to the concert program, the trio’s name is a play on a song by Shorter called, “Children of the Night.” Their performance was part of the Celebrity Series of Boston, which brings world-renowned performers to venues in and around Boston.

Joey Alexander, a 12-year-old jazz pianist prodigy hailing from Indonesia, opened for the group. Alexander has previously performed for former President Bill Clinton and as part of a jazz performance headed by renowned jazz musician Wynton Marsalis at the Lincoln Center.

“It’s always incredible to see someone...who is so young and can play so well, but he’s also a phenomenal musician,” said Jack C. Wright, director of marketing and communications for the Celebrity Series of Boston.

Alexander played a total of four selections, three of which were arrangements of songs by well-known jazz composers. He composed the first piece himself.


“Composing the song took time,” Alexander said, adding that Friday’s concert marked his first time performing solo. “One of my inspirations was church music, gospel, and a little bit of waltz.”

Following Alexander, Pérez plucked the piano wires and bantered with the rest of the trio throughout the Children of the Light performance, pointing to the group’s quirky and unique style. Later, Patitucci, after struggling to find his music in the middle of a number, sheepishly grinned, eliciting laughter from the audience.

This style of performance appealed to several audience members.

“I think it was really wonderful to see the interplay between the group, and I was thinking how they probably never play the same song the same way all the time,” said Charles B. McWhorter, a Cambridge resident.


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