Roving Reporter: Battle for Yardfest

Last Friday night, five of Harvard College’s talented student bands battled it out for the honor of opening up for this year’s Yardfest artist, Jessie J. The bands—Black Tie Affair, Xkaban Jones and Dorian Grusoe, the Instrinics, the Solars, and Bared Grillz—filled the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub with ’90s alternative rock , the rhythm of soul and R&B, and the primal beats of “wilderness rap.” When the smoke finally cleared, Black Tie Affair and the Instrinics were victorious. With the energy levels of the pub overflowing, several people were eager to answer this Roving Reporter’s questions.


Samir S. Faza ’15, audience member

Roving Reporter: Have you ever been to Battle for Yardfest before?

Samir: Negativo! I figured I’d saved the best for senior year, and it’s always a pleasure to see our wonderful campus bar at full capacity beyond those unbeatable Wednesday wing nights.


RR: So what’s your favorite thing you’ve seen so far?

Samir: At Battle for Yardfest? The bands of course! Our campus is sprawling with unrecognized talent.


Dayne A. Davis ’16, audience member

RR: Have you ever been to Battle for Yardfest before?

Dayne: No, I haven’t.

RR: Why did you come out this time?

Dayne: I have a couple of friends who like the Intrinsics a lot, so I came out with them. I saw some of their YouTube videos, and they’re really good. I also enjoy listening to music and going to live concerts. I like brass instruments, too.

RR: Great! What kind of music are you into?

Dayne: Rock. I like a lot of ’90s rock band music.


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