Roving Reporter: Eastbound

From traditional cultural dance to modern hip-hop, “Eastbound” presented a full array of entertainment to its audience this Saturday. The show, presented by the Asian American Dance Troupe, celebrated another year of dance with over 100 participants, which is one of the largest group of performers to date. The captivating dances and spellbinding precision may have absorbed everyone’s attention, but this Roving Reporter still attempted to converse with performers and audience members.  


Ding Zhou ’16, audience member

RR: What was your favorite dance?


Ding: I liked Fade to Black.

RR: Could you dance like that?

Ding: No, I can’t.

RR: How many hours do you think AADT put into this show?

Ding: I assume they’ve been practicing all year.


Vi Nguyen ’15, performer

RR: How much time did you put into this?

Vi: Every week until two weeks before, we had around two to three hours of practice each [week]. Two weeks before the dance, we had around an average of four to five, and we also had a really long dress rehearsal and tech rehearsal.

RR: What was your favorite part of “Eastbound”?


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