We can’t believe another year’s almost over, leaving us with another crop of memories to wistfully recall on graduation night over laughs, tears, and cocktails. For all you nostalgic seniors—and for everyone else looking to reminisce with friends about the year’s ups and downs—here are some of FM’s picks for drinks to cap off 2014-15.

The Gerald L. Chan Commemorative Cocktail

3 oz Rémy Martin Black Pearl cognac

1 tsp. edible gold shavings

Gerald L. Chan made history this year by making the largest single donation in Harvard’s history—$350 million dollars—to the Harvard School of Public Health. After dropping $350 million, is this cocktail too much to ask? Why no, it isn’t. For best results, sprinkle the gold leaf in a dollar sign pattern on top.

The Stillman

4 oz. Everclear

1 oz. absinthe

3 oz. Red Bull

(Side note: Apparently it’s illegal to sell Everclear in Massachusetts. Who knew? But if you can get your hands on the main ingredient here, that just makes everything more exciting.)

Things got pretty tense this year when Harvard announced plans to close Stillman Infirmary, and it looked as if we might lose our access to 24-hour care. But—hallelujah—things worked out, and we don’t need to worry about our ability to live dangerously on Friday nights. Great to see you again, UHS friends!

The Jessie J

2 pieces Double Bubble bubblegum

1 tbsp. syrup

4 oz Smirnoff

This year’s Yardfest headliner is sweet. Like, really sweet. In fact, her newest album is named Sweet Talker. With a twist of bubblegum flavor, this drink strikes the perfect combination of sugary pop and blackout-level booze that should sum up Yardfest this year. Get ready, because you’ll be drinking a lot of these.