Just the Tip

Words of wisdom from some of FM's soon-to-depart seniors.
By Reina A.E. Gattuso, Nicole J. Levin, Petey E. Menz, Marina Molarsky-Beck, Valeria M. Pelet, and Amy L. Weiss-Meyer

Befriend a barista at the Barker Center café. -MARINA MOLARSKY-BECK

Become a barista at the Barker Center café. -NICOLE J. LEVIN

At any given moment, there is more free booze and food on this campus than you will encounter in the next five years of your life. Figure out where it is. - PETEY E. MENZ

If all your friends are from the same place, or do all the same things, you're doing it wrong. Make friends with people you admire, even if they seem way cooler than you. The same goes for taking classes with professors you admire. Take them to faculty dinner. When amazing people come to campus, or to the Harvard Book Store, go. Don't take a class unless you genuinely want to know about 75 percent of what's on the syllabus. It's okay not to do all the reading, all the time. You will usually regret being on Facebook during class, and also it's distracting to others around you. Be wary of any class that has a cult following; try a seminar instead. Remember that rejection is inevitable; so is occasional sadness. Eat Sunday Sundaes and fro-yo whenever possible, and surround yourself with people who remind you why you're here. -AMY L. WEISS-MEYER

There is no such thing as objectivity. Breathe in the fact that what you think you know is almost always skewed towards your experience, which is a great excuse to go out and socialize and kiss near-strangers. Listen. Talk it out. Act on the things, the issues, and the people you care about. Open up. Lighten up. Treat yourself to a slice of pie at Petsi or a midnight picnic by the Charles. Keep a journal. When the time comes, you can rip out some of its pages and start all over again. - VALERIA M. PELET

Be kind. Make out. Fall in love with your friends. Respect your sexual partners. Value pleasure. Harvard is a terrifying machine that churns out elites and most of us never quite feel like we belong here. That’s okay. There are only two people on this campus who feel like they totally belong at Harvard, and they are currently drinking scotch in the Porcellian. So honor that feeling of vulnerability. Honor that vulnerability in others. Honor the voice in you that says that this place can be better, and find other people who feel the same, and love them, and make things with them, because Harvard is also yours and also mine and also a magical playground where we build better worlds. Show up. Don’t be a dick. May all your wine be four dollar. - REINA A.E. GATTUSO

Today’s lesson covers the game called “odds.”

Step 1: Ask a friend: “What are the odds that you’d ______”

Step 2: Friend responds with a range: “1 in x”

Step 3: On the count of three you both say a number in that range.

Step 4: If the number’s the same, they have to do it. - LIBBY R. COLEMAN

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