There have been some pretty major sightings at Harvard this year. And no, we don’t mean the turkey—although we have heard tell of him clucking (strolling? gobbling?) around the Quincy courtyard. We’ve had visitors! Given the winter we had, it’s pretty lucky that we tricked anyone into coming at all. Even so, celebrities, dignitaries, and other noted public figures ventured to Harvard—that is, they willingly left places that are NOT Harvard and came to a place that IS Harvard, and buried in 10 feet of snow. FM is impressed. Below, a brief account of some of this year’s most exciting and memorable guests.


The Vice President himself, tailed by an army of Secret Service, showed up in full force last October. A few lucky lottery winners received pat downs from said Secret Service members before watching Biden deliver an engaging talk on US foreign policy with Russia, and beyond, at the IOP.


It was pretty much impossible to miss the comedian and movie star’s visit this January. Seriously, if you didn’t see her you might be living under a rock. A full-on parade, complete with free food and drag queens, announced her arrival on campus before she received the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Award.


The creator of the Facebook page Humans of New York deserves extra points: He actually visited twice! In February, he delivered a talk at the IOP about his role as a UN Ambassador. And this April, he returned to tour the campus with a massive, and massively adorable, group of Brooklyn middle schoolers in tow.


The celeb stopped by the IOP to make fun of Kim Jong Un. Also, but less importantly, to discuss the role of comedy in politics and promote his movie “The Interview.”


This February, the comedian did improv with the Immediate Gratification Players as their “Player of the Year.” The highlight of his performance: the not one, not two, but three kisses he shared with IGP performers, in front of a packed Science Center lecture hall.