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By Theodore R. Delwiche, Crimson Staff Writer

In response to a blog that started posting alleged membership lists of Harvard’s all-male final clubs last week, a similar blog has launched listing members of all-female final clubs. 

Last week, an anonymous Tumblr, entitled “Hey There Harvard, I’m In A Final Club,” began publishing the names of alleged members of Harvard’s male unrecognized final clubs. On Thursday, most of the comments, but not the posts which claimed to list club rolls, were taken down in an effort to remove “undue negative tone or bias,” according to a post on the site.

The blog quickly came under criticism for not including any similar rosters for the female final clubs. The only post beyond the lists remaining on the site explains the reasoning behind this decision.

“[T]hey are all less than 30 years old and by all accounts have negligible influence of the social scene here...none of them own property (though quite a few rent and one of them does throw parties occasionally at that rented property) and...we don’t have the names!” reads the post.

In response, another blog was launched late last week entitled “Hey There Harvard, I’m In A Final Club Too.”

One post on the newer blog argued that the original blog “gives the impression that the makers of this site do not feel as though female final clubs should have an equal role in discussing matters of inclusivity.”

“It’s time to recognize female and male spaces as equally important spaces on this campus,” the post continues.

More than a dozen students listed on the site as female final club members did not respond to requests for comment.

Both blogs currently do not allow for questions or comments. They do, however, contain submission sections where students with Harvard college email addresses can offer additional names. Both blogs says that all contact with the sites will be treated as anonymous.

—Staff writer Theodore R. Delwiche can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @trdelwic.

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