After Deadline Extension, 136 Declare UC Candidacy

After the deadline for candidates was extended by 12 hours, 136 students declared their candidacy for the Undergraduate Council on Saturday.

Harvard UC Meeting
At the Undergraduate Council’s general meeting on April 26, representatives discussed the Evaluation Task Force’s reports of its Student Faculty Committee, Freshman Class Committee, and calendar application, Ventfull.

As usual, the number of freshman candidates outpaced that of upperclassman candidates, with 74 members of the Class of 2019 intending to campaign for 12 available positions. In contrast, the lack of upperclassmen pursuing positions on the UC prompted the Council to extend the deadline to declare by 12 hours.

UC President Ava Nasrollahzadeh ’16 and Vice President Dhruv P. Goyal ’16 sent emails over at least three House email lists, encouraging students to run for vacant seats on the Council. In an email sent over an email list in Currier House, for example, Nasrollahzadeh and Goyal wrote, “There are 3 open spots for UC Reps in Currier House, but the number of candidates is very low.”

Even with the extension and pleas for candidates, two Houses, Currier and Dunster, remain non-competitive this election cycle.

While the Council sought out upperclassmen to fill House representative positions, they had no trouble convincing freshmen to run. At least a dozen freshmen in each of the four freshmen Yards are pursuing a position on the Council. In Elm Yard, 25 students submitted declarations, a number Goyal called “historic.”


The UC’s campaign and voting period will commence on Tuesday at noon and end at noon on Friday.

—Staff writer Jalin P. Cunningham can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @JalinCunningham.

The following students have declared their intentions to run for the UC:

Adams House

Anna T. Wechsler ’18

Austin R. Gobbo ’18

Jazil Waris ’18

Kanon F. Dean ’18

Mark A. Fuchs ’17

Scott Ely ’18

Will D. Stewart ’18

Zach C. Chambers ’18

Cabot House

Adam G. Pollack ’18

Cameron K. Khansarinia ’18

Christopher B. Cruz ’18

Jacob R. Steinberg-Otter ’16

Ricky Rodriguez ’18

Shaiba Rather ’17

Sam Leichenger ’18

Daniel A. Valenzuela ’17

Crimson Yard

Christopher P. Ulian ’19

Connie Zhao ’19

Daniel Um ’19

Heather E. Brown ’19

Isabella Beroutsos ’19

Jack K. Kelley ’19

Jennifer J. Li ’19

Leah D. Stewart ’19

Matthew A. Moody ’19

Thomas C. Abel ’19

Trey Sexton ’19

Tynan Jackson ’19

Elias I. Tuomaala ’19

Nicholas Whittaker ’19

Ari B. Berman ’19

Conor Healy ’19

Currier House

Yasmin Z. Sachee ’18

Ziyad J. McLean ’18

Taylor P. Li ’18

Dunster House

Ju Hyun Lee ’18

Rachel O. Gilchrist ’18

Eliot House

David X. Wang ’17

Mirel S. Baysal ’17

Phebe J. Hong ’16

David P. Frankle ’18

Tyler O. Teisberg ’18

Taylor D. Marquis ’18

Elm Yard

Alan D. Estrada ’19

Anna M. Raheem ’19

Ashiley Lee ’19

Dustin Chiang ’19

Evan M. Bonsall ’19

Katherine R. Brady ’19

Lin X. Ni ’19

Maxwell Benegas ’19

Michael K. Bervell ’19

Michael Liu ’19

Rainbow Yeung ’19

Ryan J. Plunkett ’19

Sanjay V. Patil ’19

SaNoah LaRocque ’19

Thomas Chatzieleftheriou ’19

Victor C. Agbafe ’19

Mackenzi T. Curtin ’19

Nico W. Tuccillo ’19

Virginia C. Miller ’19

Mai-Linh Ton ’19

Hasib Muhammad ’19

Scott Garrison ’19

Benjamin F. McLarey ’19

Ashrithaa S. Anurudran ’19

Finnian C. Brown ’19

Ivy Yard

Anne M. Raheem ’19

Catherine L. Zhang ’19

Dennis K. Kim ’19

Dylan R. de Waart ’19

James Kim ’19

Jesper W. Ke ’19

Jonah S. Lefkoe ’19

Olga Romanova ’19

Ruiqi He ’19

Ryan A. Comrie ’19

Salvatore R. Defrancesco ’19

Sarah S. Zia ’19

Scott Xiao ’19

Sophia K. Schick ’19

William Fried ’19

Kriti Lall ’19

Linda Qin ’19

Yong L. Dich ’19

Kirkland House

Aidan H. Cleary ’17

Elizabeth M. Byrne ’17

Michael E. Berlin ’16

Diana Im ’17

Leverett House

Dylan Meade ’18

Hugo Yen ’18

Isaac G. Inkeles ’16

Shawheen J. Rezaei ’17

Jullian A. Duran ’18

David A. Kaufman ’17

Matthew Wu ’17

Lowell House

Alexander T. Moore ’18

Berkeley Brown ’18

Mac G. Schumer ’17

Samarth Gupta ’18

Bowen Lu ’17

Samuel R. Kaplan ’18

Max Mondelli ’18

Mather House

Al B. Corvah ’18

Nina Srivastava ’18

Eduardo A. Gonzalez ’18

Harriet W. Kariuki ’16

Michelle S. Lee ’16

Oak Yard

Alex Popovski ’19

Camilla Suarez ’19

Kevin Bao ’19

Christopher J. Hinojosa ’19

David L. Xu ’19

Dhruv Chugh ’19

Ian T. Mullane ’19

Jorge Ledesma ’19

Joshua B. Sopher ’19

Joshua J. Florence ’19

Malvika Menon ’19

Nicholas D. Boucher ’19

Olu O. Oisaghie ’19

Brandon J. Dixon ’19

Matthew K. Sarpong ’19

Pforzheimer House-3

Meriton Ibrahimi ’18

William A. Greenlaw ’17

Gary Castellanos Reyes ’16

Quincy House

Brett M. Biebelberg ’16

Kevin A. Hornbeck ’16

Wyatt M. Robertson ’18

Leszek R. Krol ’18

Christian Liu ’17

Winthrop House

Daniel R. Levine ’17

Madeline H. Stern ’18

Nayiri Ayanian ’18

Vimal S. Konduri ’17