44 Win Spots on Undergraduate Council

After the campaign and voting period for the Undergraduate Council’s fall general elections ended on Friday at noon, 44 undergraduates won spots on the UC.

Although the Council had to extend the deadline for declaring candidacy by several hours to attract more candidates, the election cycle ended up featuring a range of candidates—136 in total, and as many as 25 in the freshman Elm Yard—and prompted several extensive campaigns from freshman and upperclassman UC hopefuls alike.

44 Elected to UC
After voting closed on Friday, 44 students were elected onto the Undergraduate Council.

Of the elected representatives, 39 percent are Council veterans, meaning they won their campaigns for reelection, according to UC President Ava Nasrollahzadeh ’16. Of the representatives elected on Friday, a plurality, 19, are sophomores, while 12 are freshmen. Just under 30 percent of the newly elected portion of the Council is made up of juniors and seniors.


Adams House

Anna T. Wechsler ’18

Jazil Waris ’18

Scott Ely ’18

Cabot House

Cameron K. Khansarinia ’18

Jacob R. Steinberg-Otter ’16

Shaiba Rather ’17

Currier House

Yasmin Z. Sachee ’18

Ziyad J. McLean ’18

Taylor Li ’18

Dunster House

Ju Hyun Lee ’18

Rachel O. Gilchrist ’18

Eliot House

Phebe J. Hong ’16

David P. Frankle ’18

Taylor D. Marquis ’18

Kirkland House

Diana Im ’17

Leverett House

Isaac G. Inkeles ’16

Jullian A. Duran ’18

Lowell House

Berkeley Brown ’18

Mac G. Schumer ’17

Samarth Gupta ’18

Mather House

Al B. Corvah ’18

Eduardo A. Gonzalez ’18

Michelle S. Lee ’16

Pforzheimer House

Meriton Ibrahimi ’18

William A. Greenlaw ’17

Gary Castellanos Reyes ’16

Quincy House

Brett M. Biebelberg ’16

Kevin A. Hornbeck ’16

Wyatt M. Robertson ’18

Winthrop House

Daniel R. Levine ’17

Madeleine H. Stern ’18

Vimal S. Konduri ’17

Crimson Yard

Leah D. Stewart ’19

Nicholas Whittaker ’19

Jack K. Kelley ’19

Elm Yard

Victor C. Agbafe ’19

Ashrithaa S. Anurudran ’19

Evan M. Bonsall ’19

Ivy Yard

Catherine Zhang ’19

Scott Xiao ’19

Dennis K. Kim ’19

Oak Yard

Alex Popovski ’19

Camilla Suarez ’19

Oluwalani O. Oisaghie ’19

—Staff writer Jalin P. Cunningham can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @JalinCunningham.


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