Letter to the Editor: Supporting the Sanctions

To the Editor:

As an alumnus who cares deeply about Harvard, serves on the Harvard Corporation, and is a member of a final club, I have thought deeply about the issues of college life, social spaces, inclusion, and diversity discussed in the single-gender social organization recommendations made by Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana last week.

Many have argued that the traditions of final clubs must be upheld, and indeed I and many others value our experiences as members. But our aspirations for Harvard and Harvard students in the 21st century demand that we work to create an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive, the values of belonging and inclusion are upheld, and students are as equipped as possible to succeed in the diverse, global society into which they will graduate.

Dean Khurana’s recommendations, accepted by President Faust, represent progress toward these aspirations. They reinforce our ongoing efforts to create a transformational educational experience for all those who attend Harvard College. That’s why I and colleagues on the Corporation fully support these new policies.

Paul J. Finnegan '75


Paul J. Finnegan ’75 serves as Treasurer of the Harvard Corporation and was a member of the AD Club.