Freshman Creates Website to Aggregate Campus Events

Student Involvement Fair
The Student Activities Fair in 2017.
In an attempt to streamline the process of sifting through on-campus activities, a freshman has created a website with the goal of displaying events in one user-friendly platform.

George H. Moe ’21 created ClubHub three years ago to organize events at his high school. Moe said that he started the site after he “missed an event [he] really wanted to go to because the email got buried.”

The large number of campus email listservs, posters, and Facebook events spurred Moe to adapt ClubHub for Harvard’s campus.

“If high school was confusing in terms of events, Harvard is even more so. There’s just so much going on, and there’s so much more to explore,” Moe said.

ClubHub’s features include an ability to filter events by keyword, browse through all the activities happening on a given day, and instantly add events to Google Calendar. Moe is also currently working on a system to compile event reminders in a daily digest in order to maximize user-friendliness.


“It’s smooth, it’s buttery, it’s very colorful,” he said. “It’s also aggregating information into a database that’s very useful.”

Genty Daku ’20 said that while a single platform for events would be useful, he currently uses Facebook as a medium to search for on-campus events.

“It would be useful if you [were] able to see where your friends are going because that influences whether or not I go to an event,” Daku said.

Eva Xu ’18 said that the website’s smooth features solve a problem she had during her first few months at college.

“When I came here as a freshman, it took me a while to discover all the activities around here. There are some interesting things that pop up that don’t get noticed,” Xu said. “Right now I am getting better at keeping track of what interests me, but still, it can be a little messy.”


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