Mass Ave. CVS Closes

A pedestrian passes the recently-closed CVS store on Massachusetts Avenue.
CVS closed its location at 1426 Massachusetts Ave. this summer, leaving just one location of the drug store location in Harvard Square.

For more than two years, Cantabrigians and University affiliates in search of drug store merchandise had faced a choice: spend their money at the 1426 Mass. Ave. CVS or patronize its newer, larger counterpart roughly 100 yards away at 6 JFK St.

CVS announced plans for the 6 JFK St. location in January 2015. At the time of the announcement the drug store chain already operated two Harvard Square branches: one at 29 JFK St. and the other on Mass. Ave. The 29 JFK St. location closed shortly after the announcement.


Denise A. Jillson, executive director of the Harvard Square Business Association, said she was not surprised by the Mass. Ave. location’s closing.

“I think that it was clear from the beginning when they opened the new CVS,” she said.


She highlighted cleanliness, the MinuteClinic, 24-hour schedule, and a selection of on-the-go prepared food as the main features that set the newer CVS apart.

“Having two CVSs within just a couple of hundred yards of each other probably doesn’t make sense,” she added.

CVS spokesperson Stephanie Cunha wrote in an email that the company had “always planned” to have just one Harvard Square location.

“Our new store that remains is a more convenient location that offers our full suite of services for the Harvard community—including pharmacy, beauty service, photo service, as well as our full mix of front store offerings,” Cunha wrote.

Maged Naguib, who manages the now only CVS in Harvard Square, at 6 JFK St., said he has noticed an uptick in business at his branch since the store across the street closed.

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