Man of the Year Paul Rudd Earns Pudding Pot

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals honored Paul Rudd as Man of the Year Friday evening with the troupe’s Pudding Pot and a celebrity roast.

The Pudding selects an actor for Man of the Year who has had a significant and lasting impact in the entertainment world. Rudd is widely known for his performance in films, such as “Ant-Man,” which he also co-wrote. He has also starred in many movies, including “Clueless,” “They Came Together,” and “The 40-Year Old Virgin.”

Cast members of the Pudding Theatricals performed a celebrity roast for Rudd, poking fun at what they called his agelessness as well as his acting career. Each character in the roast skit set Rudd a specific challenge to prove himself worthy of the Pot.

At one point, Eric J. Cheng '20—dressed as the character Sex Panther in a tight, black bodysuit—tested Rudd’s seduction techniques. After Cheng showed Rudd how to strut and “rawr,” Rudd briefly danced in a suggestive manner with Sex Panther.

Pudding cast members also played other characters like Death, William Shakespeare, Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, and the Canadian band Rush, who asked Rudd to perform a one minute air-guitar and air-drum solo of their song “Tom Sawyer.”


Eventually, two Pudding cast members emerged and handed Rudd the Pot, kissing him on both cheeks as they did so. Rudd then thanked the audience and the Pudding for what he said felt like an extraordinary honor. He added he was happy to be on campus and said he really enjoyed visiting Harvard.

In a press conference following the roast, Rudd said he particularly admires the University's long history.

“Whenever you’re standing in a place that has real history, that’s been around for hundreds of years, it has a way of making you feel sane,” Rudd said, describing his ventures through the Yard. “It puts you in your place, and it makes all your problems seem a little bit smaller because this has been going on for a lot longer than I have.”

After the press conference ended, Rudd watched the opening night production of the Pudding’s show, “Intermission Impossible.” Before leaving the press conference, though, Rudd donned a Pudding-made Ant-Man style bra that he sported in several pictures.

“It’s a nice fit,” Rudd said, as Pudding cast enveloped him in a red and silver, sparkly chestpiece.

The Pudding Theatricals recently honored Woman of the Year Mila Kunis with a parade and celebrity roast. Before Kunis’s roast, Pudding President Amira T. Weeks ’18 announced the troupe will allow women to join men as cast members on stage next year, breaking more than 100 years of tradition.

—Staff Writer Andrea M. Bossi can be reached at and on Twitter @bossi147.


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