Contrary to Wikipedia, Jeremy Lin Will Not Represent Chinese Taipei

Published by Martin Kessler on July 26, 2010 at 10:21PM

Jeremy Lin's agent Roger Montgomery denies the report that Lin has signed a contract to represent Chinese Taipei.

Jeremy Lin’s agent Roger Montgomery denied reports surfacing Saturday that Lin had signed a contract to play for Chinese Taipei in international competition

“That’s not true,” Montgomery told The Crimson Monday night. “He didn’t make any decision.”

Though Lin had been contacted about playing for Chinese Taipei, any report that the former Harvard co-captain had actually signed a contract is false, according to Montgomery. But Lin's Wikipedia page had quite the different idea earlier today.

Citing a July 24 article from the Chinese website, Lin’s Wikipedia page was updated today at 5:17 pm with the following:

“Jeremy Lin has also signed a contract to represent Chinese Taipei in international competitions. However, because the rosters for the Chinese Taipei national basketball team has already been finalized, Jeremy will compete next year.”

Montgomery said the information was false.