Scouting the Area: New Haven, Conn.

Published by Alexa N. Gellman on November 18, 2011 at 11:27PM

Harvard fans, this is the one weekend where we don’t have to convince you to travel to watch your team play. On Saturday, Nov. 19, Yale will be hosting the 128th edition of The Game. Hoards of Crimson fans will descend on the Bulldogs’ campus to show their school pride.

If you are not too busy partying, catching up with high school friends, tailgating, or watching The Game itself, here are some New Haven spots worth checking out:

1. Book Trader Cafe

This cafe and used book store, located near the center of Yale’s campus, is perfect for food and book lovers alike. Delicious sandwiches are given creative titles based on famous works of literature, such as “Jane Rare,” “Tempesto,” and “Sense & SensiBLT.” Like Bartley's with a snobby touch.

2. The Women’s Table

Harvard students always appreciate a good sculpture.

This installation, designed by architect Maya Lin, sits by Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library. By day, the engraved stone commemorates women in the school’s history. By night, Yale students have sometimes been known to slide across its watery surface. Who knows what you might witness?

3. Toad’s Place

Toad’s, a staple of New Haven nightlife frequented by many a Yale student, is throwing down on Saturday night. Although two people were shot, sustaining mild injuries, in this less-than-classy venue last spring, don’t let that discourage you. This is the one place where Cascada’s song “Evacuate the Dancefloor” might have true, urgent meaning.

So, gather your Crimson gear and get ready to venture to New Haven.